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REIKI – Japanese Healing Meta-Science​

Reiki is an Art Of Transformation –

Complete Reiki learning is divided in Levels .

Number of levels are 5 

Reiki Level 1-2-3-4-5 like this . Reiki is an energy management system of our body -mind and soul.  Being human we need time to transform our energies , and this is a gradual process .

Just to maintain this process this level system is adopted in Reiki .

We start with Level 1 & 2 together and so on…


Online Video Course – Life Time , Learn at your own Convenience with the most  Powerful Distance Attunement from me . – Rajeev Arora 

Reiki Level 1 & 2 

Rajeev Arora = Reiki Grand Master 

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 Its a life transforming Art  anyone can learn – Easy Learning with VIDEO COURSE and in Live Zoom Classes

REIKI  is an art of Transformation. When REIKI enters in life, means the time has come to attract all the positivity and prosperity, Health, Wealth. One must be lucky enough to have REIKI  in life. The Great Divine Support you get to solve all the issues related to Mind-Body-Soul

REIKI is for believers , Believe in your divine , Nothing to do with Religion , If have faith in your God u believe , Then Learn and change your Life 

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