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Reiki Level – 3 

Usui Reiki Level 3 Master Healer Degree :  A step by step training  to the teachings and disciplines associated with Third Degree Usui Reiki

With Reiki, once you reach Level III, the last symbol is to be learnt. This is the

Dai-Ko-Mio. The following is a description of the symbol you will learn:


This symbol is the “Master” symbol and is

used in all healings; self or otherwise. Dai-Ko-Mio is a traditional Reiki symbol and is

originally from Mikao Usui’s teachings

  1. Best practices for the Reiki practitioner including how to create a clear and safe space and conduct a session as well as basic business and legal
  2. Detailed instructions on how to conduct a healing attunement.
  3. Detailed instructions on how to conduct an empowerment attunement for Western Usui Reiki Levels I, II and III.
  4. Master techniques such as extraction, deep aura cleansing,
  5. Detailed explanations of traditional Usui healing techniques such as dry brushing, scanning,  grounding, clearing and raising the energy vibration.
  6. Techniques for envisioning and planning a Reiki practice for self care or business practice.
  7. Detailed list and description of recommended course content for Western Usui Levels I, II and III.
  8. A helpful list of dos and don’t related to conducting healing session on others.
  9. Brief descriptions of other forms of Reiki.

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